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about swingaroux

" Don't let the name fool you.
Swingaroux is every generation music. Fun. Classy. Entertaining. Songs from every decade and genre of music."


Does it make you want to dance? Does it bring back memories of special moments in your life? Does it make you want to kick back and sing along? That's what music is all about. 


Whether you're looking for a big, swinging band or a small, jazzy ensemble, or mid-size variety and dance group, our eclectic library of music will keep your event jumpin' and jivin' or rockin' and rollin'. Good, quality musicians can play all types of music. That's Swingaroux (or Roux for short).


Since 2007, Swingaroux has performed for large audiences, as well as for small gatherings. Because of our musical versatility, we offer options to fit your event giving you the perfect mix of music and musicians to suit your preferences. From jazz trios to 5-piece rock & roll or 8-piece funk and soul to our 17-piece swing orchestra, we can suggest the perfect mix of musicians suited to the style of music you are requesting within your budget.


Our classy, sophisticated sound is just one of the things that makes us different from other bands.  New Orleans music is a gumbo of sounds and flavors and so is Swingaroux.


Swing. Dance. Jazz. Pop. Oldies. Dixieland. Rock & Roll. Soul.

Give us the opportunity.  We work hard to give you the perfect sound for your perfect event.

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